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This site is hosted by the Open Library of Humanites in partnership with the University of West London.

The Open Library of Humanities only collects the data that is required in order to provide services to you, that is:

  • Submitting an article for publication
  • Contacting us via our contact form
  • Monitoring our infrastructure for bugs or security issues
  • Non intrusive cookies to track which articles are viewed and downloaded

If you wish to contact us to discuss any data we may have about you, you can contact us at tech [at] openlibhums [dot] org. Under GDPR legislation you have the right to withdraw your consent to our use of this data, however, it should be noted that Right to Erasure may not apply to authors of a submitted article as we have a legitimate interest in keeping your data to identify you as the author of a published and indexed text.

Data Sharing

We may share some of your data with external persons for the following purposes only:

  • Editing, peer reviewing, copy editing, typesetting or proofing your article
  • Registering your article with Crossref
  • Indexing article metadata with the Directory of Open Access Journals (


Janeway (our software platform) does not profile your data in order to make any automated decisions.


We utilise cookies for the following purposes:

  • Maintenance of login sessions
  • Prevention of cross site request forgery
  • Tracking views and downloads of our articles using the COUNTER method (

Contacting the Team

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Infrastructure monitoring

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Registration and authentication

  • Personal Data: country, email address, first name and last name
  • We additionally collect Twitter and Linkedin handles (optionally)