Editor's note

Editor's note

Author: Erik Blair orcid logo (University of West London)

  • Editor's note

    Editor's note

    Editor's note



Change is afoot in the editing of New Vistas – as the incoming editor, I have some big shoes to fill as previous editors, Joelle and Stylianos have set a high standard. A good editor should, beyond this introductory note, be invisible to the reader. This invisible hand is much like previous ideas about students; where we hoped to shield them from the politics and general shenanigans so that they could focus on their studies and enjoy their time at university. In this model, we imagined that students should see the graceful swan of Higher Education glide along the lake’s surface and never see the frantic paddling of knobbly legs and webbed feet below. Changing times mean that this scenario is no longer true and students are now more informed about the policies and practices of Higher Education than ever before and, like academic staff, want to examine the world they live in. As the new editor I hope to guide our authors to deal with big questions – asking them to take a new look at the world of Higher Education and ask, “What is going on?”.

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Published on
30 Apr 2019