New Vistas

new vistas

New Vistas is a fully open access, peer reviewed journal published by the University of West London. It provides a forum to disseminate research, commentary, and scholarly work that engages with the complex agenda of higher education in its local, national and global context. 

New Vistas welcomes contributions from academic staff and doctoral students, with the explicit intention to give a voice to early-career researchers and scholars. 

The journal publishes twice a year (a Spring and an Autumn issue in April and October respectively) with occasional special issues, and publishes for a broad academic, international and professional readership.

Engineering Future Sustainability

engineering future sustainability

Natural resources are essential to human commerce, daily life, and existence. Neglecting sustainability could cause natural resources to run out. Designing and constructing of projects that protect natural resources are economical and support both the natural and human ecosystems. Engineers can play a crucial part in such sustainable developments. The process of developing or running systems such that energy and resources are used sustainably, that is, at a rate that does not endanger the environment or the ability of future generations to satisfy their own requirements, is known as sustainable engineering.

This expands to all aspect of the design including Structural design and Temporary works which can have a significant impact on the overall sustainability of a building. The sustainability of a structure can be considered with respect to embodied energy of structural materials, durability, design flexibility, optimality, and deconstruction, to name a few.

The Engineering Future Sustainability journal offers a platform for exchanging the most recent ideas from professionals and scholars, and it progressively demonstrates the "how to" of designing a sustainable future. A engineering project or product needs to satisfy the current demands without endangering future generations' ability to fulfill their needs. Up until now, engineering's contributions to sustainability have been centered on minimizing the negative effects of development on the environment and increasing the effectiveness of resource use. This journal is about how to engineer future sustainability so that the solutions, projects, and products developed to resolve current problems and concerns must not endanger the environment and use resources efficiently to help nurture future generations. Engineering scholars and professionals need to work collaboratively for achieving a sustainable environment and this journal will be shared platform to bring together all contributing factors to ensure the health of our environment and people.