Assessment of Causes and Effects of Delay in the Case of Arba Rakati- Michata Road Project


Road construction plays a crucial role in Ethiopia's economic and social development, yet delays are a persistent challenge, affecting project timelines and budgets. This study examines the causes and consequences of delays in the Arba Rakati - Michata road construction project in the West Hararghe Zone of the Oromia Region, currently facing a five-year delay from its initial three-year timeline. Employing explanatory and descriptive research methods, including literature review and contract document analysis, the study investigates the root causes of delays. A survey conducted through a 5Point Likert Scale questionnaire targeted stakeholders such as clients, contractors, and consultants, with 50.8% (thirty-three out of sixty-five) response rate. Through quantitative analysis using the Weighted Average (WA) of the Relative Importance Index (RII), the study ranks factors contributing to delays. Additionally, qualitative insights are obtained through in-depth interviews. The factors contributing to project delays include late financial audits, security concerns, payment delays, slow decision-making, work suspensions, material shortages, and increased material costs. The study further determines that the primary impacts of these delays are include time and cost overruns, negative public perception, and legal disputes with affected property owners along the project route. This research offers valuable insights for project management and stakeholder coordination, shedding light on critical aspects affecting road construction projects in Ethiopia. 


Causes of Delay, Effects of Delay, Weighted Average (WA) of the Relative Importance Index (RII), Stakeholders.

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