Journal: Engineering Future Sustainability

Engineering Future Sustainability is a pioneering journal at the intersection of engineering and sustainable development. Recognizing the critical role that natural resources play in human commerce, daily life, and existence, we are dedicated to the cause of ensuring their longevity through sustainable engineering practices. We understand that any neglect of sustainability could risk the depletion of these resources, posing grave consequences for our world.

Our journal emphasizes the design and execution of projects that protect and conserve natural resources. We advocate for sustainable engineering practices that are not only economical but also supportive of both natural and human ecosystems. We believe that engineers have the potential to act as key players in such sustainable initiatives.

At Engineering Future Sustainability, we consider sustainable engineering to be the process of developing or managing systems that ensure the sustainable use of energy and resources. This implies utilization at a rate that neither compromises the environment nor the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Our scope extends to all aspects of design, including structural design and temporary works, which can greatly influence the overall sustainability of a structure. We view the sustainability of a structure through multiple lenses – the embodied energy of structural materials, durability, design flexibility, optimality, and deconstruction, among others.

We take pride in providing a platform for the exchange of the latest ideas from professionals and scholars in the field. Our journal is a dynamic space that progressively illustrates the methodologies for designing a sustainable future. We champion engineering projects and products that meet current demands without endangering the future's ability to fulfill its needs.

Until now, the engineering field's contributions to sustainability have primarily focused on minimizing the negative impacts of development on the environment and improving resource use efficiency. Engineering Future Sustainability is dedicated to shifting this perspective, focusing on how to engineer sustainability for the future.

We believe that solutions, projects, and products developed to address current problems must be designed with a clear vision of their environmental impact and efficient resource use, always considering the wellbeing of future generations. To achieve this, we encourage collaboration between engineering scholars and professionals, and our journal serves as a shared platform to unite these efforts.

If you share our commitment to engineering a sustainable future, we invite you to contribute your expertise and innovative ideas to our journal. Together, we can make a significant impact and ensure the health of our environment and its inhabitants for generations to come.